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Twisted Pair – Invented by Alexander Graham Bell, and used to build the world’s leading communication system by the Employees of the Bell System and its succeeding companies.

Twisted Pair News shares news, events, and obituaries for retirees and current employees of the “phone company”.  We serve phone company alumni from Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska,  and welcome notices on any Ma Bell person – Northwestern Bell, US West, Qwest, CenturyLink, or related companies and contractors.

— New posts and obituaries 

Nancy McKim

Nancy L. McKim, age 74, of Council Bluffs Iowa, passed away June 21, 2022. Nancy was a long-time supervisor with the Northwestern Bell Phone Company with 25 plus years of service.  Obituary at

Donna Truelsen

Donna Jean Truelsen, age 88, of Storm Lake, Iowa, passed away June 19, 2022. Upon graduation, Donna worked for Iowa Illinois Telephone Co. in Nevada; Armstrong Telephone Co. in Armstrong; Northwestern Bell in Algona, Storm Lake, and Sioux City; and finally in Ankeny for Northwestern Bell, which later became US West. Donna was a member … Continue reading Donna Truelsen

Patsy Lee Sumner

Patsy Lee Sumner, age 84, of Detroit Lakes, MN, passed away June 12, 2022. Patsy worked part-time at Northwestern Bell Telephone during high school and then full time after graduation for the next thirty years. She was forced to retire because of the breakup of the Bell system and the closing of the offices. Obituary … Continue reading Patsy Lee Sumner

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