John P. Bohls

John P. Bohls,  age 75,  of Sioux Falls and previously of Omaha, Nebraska,  passed away January 25, 2018.

Work history for John was unavailable.  John was a member of the Association of US West Retirees (Retirees of CenturyLink, Qwest, US WEST and their predecessor companies)

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Linda L. Laffoon

Linda L. Laffoon,  age 75,  of Des Moines, Iowa,  passed away on Friday, January 26, 2018.

Linda Laffoon Obituary

Linda worked with Northwestern Bell in Mason City/Ankeny and then AT&T in Des Moines/Atlanta, GA as an Operator.  After retiring from AT&T, she worked a few more years at Southwestern Bell until she moved back to Iowa.

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Patrick Joseph Brickley

Patrick Joseph Brickley,  age 85,  of Long Lake, Minnesota,  passed away January 21, 2018..Feature Image

Pat retired from Northwestern Bell after 30+ years,  bought a salmon fishing boat which he named after his retirement plan name “MIPP” and fished Lake Michigan.  Retirement did not last long and he started his own business,  Brickley Service Co. and was also recruited by ADC Telecommunications as a Senior Project Engineer.

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