NRLN – National Retiree Legislative Network –

AUSWR – Association of US West Retirees.   Representing the retirees of CenturyLink, Qwest, US WEST, and their predecessor companies)

For Whom The Bell Tolls (FWTBT) is a mailing list and subscription news service for Ex-NWB/USW/Q/CL/ATT/WECO/Lucent folks.

Subscribers send interesting links to the moderator (JJC, ex-CO Eng, MN), who sorts through them and sends out a short weekly email to the list with the six or so best links.  Telephony related links are desired, but just plain cute or interesting seems to be dominant. ~150 folks on the list.  If interested, send a request to be added to


CenturyLink Pioneers –

Minnesota Pioneers –
Minnesota Pioneers Obituaries Page

South Dakota Pioneers –

Nebraska Pioneers –

Iowa Pioneers –

The Telecommunications History Group (THG) – is a non-profit group, not associated with any of the phone companies.

There is a museum in Seattle and also one in Denver, in the historic Denver Main building. We would welcome anyone to visit.

The museum holds some true treasures, and the likelihood of running into a volunteer running our switch, an old colleague or just like-minded folks.  You will also find a Virtual Tour of the museum as well as a link to the membership on the web site.

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