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Gregory Long

Gregory W. Long, age 68, of Crosslake, Minnesota, passed away March 26, 2019.

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Greg worked hard as a communications technician for the local phone company through his adult life. He worked for many years in the Western Minneapolis suburbs.

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Thomas Haremza

Thomas John Haremza, age 80, of Champlin, Minnesota, passed away peacefully on April 13, 2019.

Thomas Haremza

Thomas worked for Northwestern Bell (today known as CenturyLink) for 32 years. After retiring at age 51 in a role as district manager, he proceeded to work in a consulting capacity on major telecommunications projects around the state of Minnesota.

Obituary and further information at Kapala-Glodek-Malone Funeral Home:

Thomas “Tom” Madison

Thomas “Tom” Frederick Madison, age 83, of Hopkins, Minnesota, passed away April 10, 2019.

Thomas Frederick MADISON Obituary

Tom graduated from Minneapolis Roosevelt High School in 1953 where he met the love of his life, Pat (Marilyn Louise Johnson). Interested in studying to become an astronaut, Tom pursued an aeronautical engineering degree at the University of Minnesota. He left school during his freshman year to take a job with Northwestern Bell. He worked underground, beneath manhole covers as a splicer helper, and then above ground, as a lineman installing telephone poles. He believed these jobs were the wake-up call that he required, “I didn’t want to do this work for the rest of my life. I knew I needed to go back to school and prove I could become an engineer.” In 1957, Tom returned to the University of Minnesota, married Pat, then a year later they had their first child, Mike. He subsequently graduated in 1959 with a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering. At this time, came their second child, Mary. This degree provided Tom with ten job offers in the engineering industry, but he chose to return to NW Bell, because “the people were good, the benefits were good, and the culture was good. It was the right fit for me. ” As he began his career at NW Bell, Tom and Pat welcomed their third child, Mark, in 1962. Tom rose from a service foreman, who managed telephone installers, to President and Chief Executive Officer in 1985. He also served as President of US West Communications, the successor to NW Bell, and known today as Century Link. In all, Tom held 16 positions with NW Bell and US West in Minnesota, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, before “retiring” in 1992.

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Laila “Bunny” Schroeder

Laila “Bunny” Schroeder,  age 88,  of Shakopee, Minnesota,  passed away April 2, 2019.

Laila Schroeder

Bunny worked and retired from Northwestern Bell and was a Metro Life Member Pioneer.

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