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Jerry Homewood

Jerry D. Homewood, 90, of Waterloo, Iowa, passed away March 21, 2023.

Jerry was an engineer with Northwestern Bell Telephone Company for 29 years retiring in 1986.

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Ronald Gruenwald 

Ronald Lynn Gruenwald, age 79, previously of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, passed away February 23, 2023.

Ron worked for Northwestern Bell/Qwest from February 1970 until July 2005. 

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Marshall Christiansen

Marshall Christiansen, age 83, of Omaha, Nebraska, previously of Hampton, Iowa, passed away February 28, 2023.

Marshall started with Northwestern Bell. After a few years and a promotion into management he was transferred to Ankeny, IA. Marshall was lucky enough to be afforded an early retirement option from Northwestern Bell in 1990 after 20+ years but he couldn’t sit still……. He spent some time working at Radio Shack so he could see the latest and greatest trinkets and electronics he might need! He also did some lawn service work with other Bell retirees

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