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Ceniva Kom

Ceniva Kom, 83, of Aberdeen, SD, passed away October 6, 2022.

Ceniva started with Northwestern Bell Telephone Company in 1957. She was able to transfer to different cities with Bell Telephone and worked in Denver, Rapid City, Aberdeen, and Sioux Falls. She retired from the Bell Telephone Company in 1987.

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Larry Peterson

Larry D. Peterson, age 81, of Huron, South Dakota, passed away October 11, 2022

Larry worked for the telephone company his whole career, retiring after 40 years. During this time, he was a member of and served as the President of the Union, CWA #7506, and was a board member of HB Telco Federal Credit Union for many years. He often talked about working the Great Flood in Rapid City. After retiring from the telephone company, he worked for Venture Comm installing fiber optic, worked for his brother, Gary, installing phone systems.

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